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Challenge 2011-09

Easy Challenge Discussione

Use the SmallBASIC Turtle to write your name (or anything else) on the screen.

Intermediate Challenge Discussione

Use the SmallBASIC Turtle to draw a regular polygon with the number of sides selected by the user.
For example if the user enters 5 then the Turtle should draw a regular pentagon.

Advanced Challenge

Write a program (text or graphical) that allows the user to play the game “Last One Loses” against the computer.
The game starts off with a row of 15 matchsticks.
The player and the computer take it in turns to remove 1, 2 or 3 of the matchsticks.
The game is over when there are no more matchsticks. The player who took the last matchstick loses.

Your program should allow for either the player or the computer to go first (maybe with the toss of a coin?)

You might like to start by making the computer player just choose 1, 2 or 3 at random – but this would not make for a very intelligent opponent.
Have a look at this site for a better way for the computer to play.

If done correctly you will have a game that will nearly always win against your friends and family!
What a Prize!

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